All the independent ladies, put your hands up!

Proudly displaying her right hand rings

The modern day woman is sophisticated, classy, hard-working and big spending! Yes ladies, it is no longer the men who get to have all the fun and splurge the big money on electronics, cars and golf-clubs.  With many women making the big bucks, the days of conventional “men are the gift givers” are coming to an end. Women are able to make large purchases without feeling the guilt and without any permission.

This is true for many things including fine jewelry. In-fact, many women are choosing to treat themselves to right hand diamond rings, regardless of their marriage status.

Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Mariah Carrey are just a few women who have purchased fine jewelry on their own accord. It has been stated that women who wear self-purchased diamond rings on their right hand do so to show their symbol of independence.

In fact, this right hand statement had inspired the 2010 campaign which read, “Your left hand says ‘We.’ Your right hand says ‘Me.’ Women of the world, raise your right hand.”

With more women feeling empowered to buy themselves diamonds, it is only natural that they would want the most intricate and unique custom jewelry designs to grace their finger.  Orange county jewelry store Prego Jewelers, located in Fountain Valley offers original, one of a kind styles from around the world. The owner of

Sexy, Independent, Stunning!

this distinguished store makes it his passion to travel in search of the perfect collections to meet his customer’s sense of style.

During this holiday season, Prego presents the extravagant “Sartoro” designer jewelry Collection. The design is geared towards women who are daring, bold and undoubtedly wanting to make a statement. The collection incorporates bold colors and patterns that are fused together with a high-end, luxury feel.

This year, why wait to receive something special, make a gift for yourself and garnish your hand with an extravagant piece of jewelry.


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