If it’s broken, fix it…If it’s old, why not update it?

A woman’s jewelry collection is her treasure. Every woman has her favorite necklace or bracelet that compliments any attire and makes her feel wonderful.

However, sometimes due to constant wear your beloved piece of jewelry may end up with a broken clasp, a missing stone or just tarnished to the point of looking old.  In recent years the value of Gold and Silver has risen and many have turned to selling their broken jewelry instead of trying to repair the piece.

It goes without saying that before you even think about bringing in your jewelry to be fixed, you have to trust the jeweler as well as know that you may have to leave your valuable(s) over night if not longer. This can certainly cause anxiety, especially if the piece being worked on is something precious such as your diamond engagement or wedding ring.

Fountain Valley jeweler, Prego Jewelry, has over 30 years of experience in jewelry repairs and design, serving local residents in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley has earned them the title of local trusted jeweler.  They understand the concerns and anxiety of their customers as much as they understand great jewelry designs. They place a full effort into fixing your jewelry the same day while you wait if the repair allows.

This local family owned jewelry store believes in giving each customer unsurpassed service and before they return your jewelry, they will also clean and polish them to make them shine as they did the first day you bought them.

Prego also offers maintenance services so your jewelry wont have a chance to break. They will tighten loose brackets, clasps and make sure that all of your stones are in place. This will insure that any piece that you purchase from Prego will be taken care of for a lifetime.  Their services don’t just stop at sales and repairs, their on-site experienced jeweler can recommend a custom jewelry design to update the look for your jewelry.   Consult with these Fountain Valley jewelry professionals and evaluate the many choices you have available.




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