Finding and Choosing the best place to sell your gold and silver for the most cash!

It is not hard to find a local place that is willing to buy your gold and silver, a quick drive to the grocery or a local search on Google will lead many results.  The high prices of gold and silver have turned the average person into a gold investor, the question most people ask themselves, what is my jewelry worth and who can I trust to sell it.Many of us have unwanted gold and silver jewelry, unused household silver flatware or that box in the garage that holds the old silver tea set that no one uses because it tarnishes so often, it’s more work than it is worth.  With the high cost of living in conjunction with the high unemployment rate, many consumers are turning to these unwanted items as a quick method to earn much needed cash.

Everyone is entitled to do what they like with their items, the unanswered question is, where to go? When buying jewelry, you need a jeweler that you can trust and rely on for the best value.  The same should apply when you are selling your jewelry.  Misleading advertisements are all around us, empty promises that are meant to bring you in, only to feel obligated or convinced of something you are not sure or qualified to decide on.

OCinTheSpotlight ran a survey of customers coming into Prego Jewelry in Fountain Valley, a well-established, trusted local jeweler serving the Orange County residence.  We asked the customers coming in, some from other counties such as Riverside and Los Angeles to turn their gold and silver into cash.  We were curious about their selection process, why they chose a jewelry store and not the local “we pay top cash for gold” pop-up stores on every corner.  Here are some of the responses:“I trust this family, they’ve sold me my engagement ring and there’s never any pressure” – Jody, Huntington Beach

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“I was referred by a good friend that lived locally, she trusts them so I trust them” – SWarner – Riverside

“I came to sell many pieces, but I loved that the owner “Inna” convinced me to update an old pendant instead of sell it, they are truly honest and not greedy, they custom jewelry designed a ring using my pendant and I love it” – Britney, Huntington Beach

“I read their ad in the paper when I came in, they didn’t make excuses about their offers like others or try to force me into anything, they didn’t know I already had one of those “cash for gold” places make me an offer and it was a lot less than theirs.  I will be back to bring the rest of my stuff.” Private

“I’ve referred many people to them, I wouldn’t trust anyone else, they are a jeweler and they’ve been around a long time, I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon.  They also polished my ring when I was there, nice store!” – Brenda – Southgate

Inna, the owner of Prego Jewelry was asked to comment about these responses: “I’m humbled by these comments and appreciate having loyal customers, we are a family owned and operated jewelry store we have customers from all over the place but mostly serve Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley.  We truly care about our customers and community, we do pay the most cash for gold and silver, on many occasions, we overpay because our goal is to gain a long term customer, we treat everyone like family, we always have and always will, I think people are savvy to other being genuine, we always strive to be”.

In talking to many of these customers, I realized that the unanswered questions everyone always has about selling their gold and silver is to begin by finding a local established jewelry store such as this jewelry store in Fountain Valley, the convenience for most customers in having jewelry repairs, custom jewelry designs or turn their gold and silver into cash all in one place, has kept these customers coming and they refer their friends.  The difference in choosing an actual established jewelry store to buy your gold and silver, their goal to earn your business for a life time, not just the quick one-time buy your gold for now.


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