Mother’s Day jewelry gift idea…Custom jewelry designs for mom!

When we are younger we are told at a young age of our birthstone, that represents the month we are born. At the time this seems intriguing as most birthstones have interesting tales and myths as to why they are so precious to that certain months.

According to the Gregorian calendar, there are even poems that are specifically dedicated to each birthstone expressing why they are valuable and the eternal strength they possess.

Some birthstones were also said to have magical aspects or healing powers and somewhere just said to be very valuable and precious just as the individual that we all are. Once we get a bit older, our tastes seem change and we move on to stones that we know are classic such as diamonds and pearls.

However, even those stones are assigned to a month and certain interesting someone. This Mother’s Day, birthstones are back in style. Beautiful and colorful Topaz, Aquamarine and Emeralds grace articulate platinum and white gold or yellow gold settings.

It is the greatest way to show the mother that you love how special and individual she really is. Each birthstone is said to fit the person born under its month, this is not only a thrilling gift to receive but also something mother can treasure as her own and no one else’s.

At this favored Orange County jewelry store, Prego Jewelry in Fountain Valley, the selection is exclusive and unique, their custom jewelry designer with over 30 years of experience can help you custom design a personalized gift to celebrate mom.  After all, she is unique and so should the gift you present her with this Mother’s Day.

The choices in this Fountain Valley jewelry store are endless, from diamond rings to pearl pendants and everything in between, there’s a piece that will fit mom’s style without breaking your budget.  If you have not done your homework, this Orange County experienced jeweler can help you select the right choice.  Remember, it’s never too late to update, if mom has that special diamond ring or a pendant she adores in need of a jewelry repair, let this Orange County jeweler repair or update the look of the pendant and ring with a new fresh design, after all mom loves you unconditionally and she deserves the best, go ahead and show her how special she is by creating a custom jewelry design just for mom.


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