Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s engagement bliss, the ring to remember…

When we think of celebrity power couples we think of two individuals who have successfully built their careers and have established themselves in the industry. Brad and Angelina, Victoria and David Beckham and Beyonce with Jay-Z have all made the A list of Hollywood royalty.

One such power couple that has been on everyone’s mind lately is Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Not only are they both gourgeous and talented, their dynamic relationship has kept fans following; patiently awaiting for the wedding of these two Hollywood starlets.

The long awaited proposal (which was rumored to have happened back in 2010) actually came in January of this year. Finally, Jessica and Justin decided that this summer was the perfect timing to celebrate their love. For the past few months, the couple has been spotted planning their wedding. In fact, it has also been said that Biel is letting her new hubby-to-be do the bulk of the planning.

In light of the new wedding, Jessica’s beautiful engagement ring has also been the talk of the town. Justin fans everywhere went goo-goo eyed over the jaw-dropping  wedding ring Justin picked out for Jessica, all by himself!

Justin’s taste proved to be perfection when he chose a 6-caratm princess cut diamond, blackened platinum, vintage engagement ring with scrolling rope sides. Although Jessica Biel is a girl-next-door beauty, her stunning engagement ring brings out her extravagant side.

Not to worry ladies, if you have always dreamed of an engagement ring like Jessica’s there is no need to wait for your Justin! There are many jewelry professionals such as Prego jewelry in Fountain Valley that specialize in custom engagement rings that truly reflect the style of each individual.


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