Repairing jewelry – Did you know that jewelry can be repaired?

repairDuring a lifetime, things will break. Prolonged use, wear, and tear naturally erode certain parts until they do, finally, break apart. Jewelry is no exception to this rule. While there are some things which warrant trashing upon breaking- such as cheap toys or Tupperware- you do not want to simply throw your jewelry out.

Chances are that you have spent a large sum of money on that necklace, ring, or earring set, and it would be heartbreaking to waste that money. This isn’t even to mention the sentimental attachment you have probably developed. That is why it is with great pleasure that we assure you many things may be fixed, and for a very nominal cost. Please look at our comprehensive listing of jewelry issues which may be fixed so it is returned to you like new.

  • Prongs that have come loose, causing the diamonds to fall out, can be repaired. If possible, it is best to find the original diamond so it may simply be affixed back onto the piece; if this is not possible, you may purchase a new stone to be placed inside of the prongs.
  • Broken chain links in necklaces, bracelets, or dangling earrings can easily be fixed.
  • Broken clasps on necklaces or bracelets.
  • If a watch battery has ceased to work, it can easily be replaced.
  • Ring resizing. There are many reasons why your ring size might have changed. If you loose or gain weight; or if the ring was purchased for a child or young adult and they have grown, the ring can be re-sized to fit them.
  • Pearl re-stringing. If your pearl necklace has broken, save the original pearls. They can be placed on a new string so that you may wear them once more.
  • Diamond replacement. If you have lost your diamond, a new one can be placed on your band.
  • In addition to actual fixing, there are a number of items which can be done in reference to maintaining your jewelry. Just like a good car, or a clean house, maintaining your jewelry pieces may prevent them breaking at a later point. Following is a list of maintenance items which can be done on your piece.
  • Diamond inspections to see if it is breaking, aging, or dulling. Most jewelers recommend having your diamond inspected every six months.
  • Silver cleaning; gold cleaning; platinum cleaning. This helps to restore the natural shine of these metals found in your necklaces, ring bands, bracelets, or earrings.
  • Jewelry polishing. This helps any piece of jewelry to sparkle and shine as it did when you first purchased it.

One popular Orange County jewelry store and saught after by many, Prego Jewelry in Fountain Valley California said “with proper upkeep and the occasional repair, your jewelry may last more than your lifetime”. In this way, it is not only possible for you to wear and enjoy your pieces, but your heirs may be able to also.


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