Custom Jewelry Pieces Made to Order, what are my options?

custom ringsYou can buy pieces of jewelry from any of the chain stores in the country. These stores are normally stocked with items that are similar to other jewelry. It is often difficult to shop at these stores for custom-made jewelry. These are specialty items that are quite unique in their appearance. It requires a lot of expertise to make a custom piece. It also requires experience in this area.

There are jewelers who offer this sort of expertise and experience. They can help you to design the piece that you want. These are jewelry pieces that are made to suit your own desire. They are fabulous gifts because they are different from other pieces. Custom-made jewelry can be given for many occasions. Anniversaries, birthdays and celebrations are wonderful occasions for given a special piece of custom jewelry. Let’s take a look at some of the Best Custom Jewelry Pieces. A favored Orange County Jewelry store, Prego Jewelry in Fountain Valley CA told us that more and more couples are leaning towards custom jewelry pieces that hold much more sentimental value.

Designer Necklaces

You can have a custom-made necklace made to suit your taste. These designer pieces can be made with a variety of gem stones. One of the unique examples here is an exotic pearl necklace. This piece has charm and rare components at the same time. The addition of a center stone in this type of designer necklace is another option for a custom design.

Rare Gem Rings

Rare gems really make any piece special. This is especially true when we are talking about rings. These gems can bring the ring to life. They are certainly eye-catching designs. A great idea for a custom-made ring in this category is a Princess-cut Pink Morganite. This can be an engagement ring that is totally unique.

Imported Stone Earrings

Imported stones are those that are not often seen in the average jewelry store. They offer a brilliance that typical stones do not. One fine example here is Russian Amber. You can design the shape of a custom piece. Natural Amber from the Baltics presented in a teardrop design is stunning. This is a terrific gift idea that is both special and original.

One of the special things about custom-made jewelry is the role that you get to play. You are able to put on your designer’s hat to make a special piece. This makes the gift even more special when you’ve added touches to the design. Custom-made jewelry can be as versatile as you want. There are traditional designs and those that are very contemporary.

With Valentine’s day only a week away, Prego Jewelry in Fountain Valley CA has launched a promotion for couples interested in purchasing a unique jewelry gift idea.  Join them on Facebook and take advantage of their $100 giveaway to use towards the purchase of your Valentine’s gift.



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