Gemstone Cuts – the differences in ring styles appearances

It’s no secret that the gemstone cut of a ring helps to define the entire piece. There are many different ring styles to choose from. A gem’s unique cut can be the difference between a traditional style and one that is more contemporary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012 there were more than 32,000 jewelers in the U.S. These professionals not only assist you in finding the right pieces.

Many jewelers are experts when it comes to stone cuts and styles. It is possible to get a customized ring with a totally unique stone cut. Chain jewelry stores are some of the most popular places for finding rings. There are stores in this category that range in pricing when it comes to rings. Specialty jewelers tend to offer more original items at a higher cost. Here are some of the most popular stone cuts and their details:


The round gem stone cut is one of the most popular purchased for rings. The stone selection along with the cut work to define the rings appearance. It doesn’t matter whether you choose rubies, diamonds, sapphires or emeralds. It is possible to find a unique ring with a round cut stone. There are simple round designs, as well as, those that have multiple shapes in one stone. This is a detailed cut choice.

Cushion Checkerboard

It is possible to purchase a ring with a cushion checkerboard cut from a traditional jeweler. This is not a typical cut and may require finding a specialty jeweler. The cut has a rounded edge display and an inner carving similar to a checkerboard. Generally one stone is cut in this way, but multiple stones can be inserted in custom designs.


A heart shaped stone cut is certainly eye-catching. This is not a common design and could require a custom jeweler’s assistance. Pink and red stones are some of the most popular for this particular cut. An added lining of diamonds around a central stone accents this stone cut.


Pear or tear-drop cut stones are unique. This central stone can include additional carving inside the stones display. Many people purchase earrings, necklaces and rings with this same cut. Metals of different styles work well with this cut. These combinations offer a stylish and memorable appearance for jewelry piece.

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Choose Jewelry with Gemstones by Color from a Leading Huntington Beach Jeweler

A leading Huntington Beach Jeweler shares with us how to choose jewelry with gemstones rather than style.  There are many ways to choose a piece of jewelry. Some people opt to purchase jewels based upon their design. Others like to find matching collections that work well together. Another way to select the jewelry that you wear is to choose selections based upon their gem settings. This is a great way to put together your own collection or to purchase an existing one.

Some collections use the same gem arrangement in their style or display. There are other collections that offer similar designs with different gems altogether. Jewelry pieces with varying gems are available at the average jewelry store. It is also possible to purchase custom-made pieces from expert jewelry locations. You gem selection will make the difference in the appearance of the piece.

blue earringsStylish Earrings

Earrings are some of the most unique pieces of jewelry. They are available in many different shapes, sizes and designs. You can add to your collection by selecting colorful earrings decorated with fine gems. Black stones, such as, coral and onyx are beautiful with the right details. White or yellow gold are wonderful compliments to these stones and make great earrings.

emerald necklaceClassic Necklaces

There are necklaces with thin chains and those with thicker ones. The gem settings in a necklace work to define the piece. Blue stones are wonderful choices for any necklace design. An Asian-inspired necklace with topaz or sapphire gem settings is a stunning display. These are pieces that are great for formal wear.

gemstone ringContemporary Rings

There are many terrific contemporary ring designs these days. White gold and silver details are trendy combinations with the right gem selection. Orange gems like Citrine and garnet are options to add color. Amethyst offers a brilliant purple to any collection and is available in different shades. Princess-cut rings are modern displays in these designs.

modern opal ringDesigner Broaches

A broach is truly a traditional jewelry piece. There are classic designs for these pieces, as well as, more modern styles. Many broaches incorporate a number of gems in their details. You can find a leopard broach with emeralds, rubies and sapphires in its display. This is a wonderful piece to add to any collection.

A complete jewelry collection is a rare thing to find these days. Some jewelers offer certain pieces from name brand collections. It is even rarer to find collections that offer a selection of gems. You can put together your own collection by the same brand or by using similar designs that compliment each other.

Tips and details to know when creating a custom engagement ring

Engagement rings are a huge investment towards your future. Many men agree it is the most important investment they have ever made. If you really want to show your loved one that you put thought, creativity, and  yes, even love, into the ring of choice, why not design for them a customized engagement ring? To many, this sounds both expensive and frightening. The process is neither. While these rings may cost a few dollars more, they are certainly affordable, and the process is not difficult at all. Look below to see the different aspects you must consider when coming up with a custom jewelry design.

ring stylesSize- First and foremost, you should know the exact ring size of the person you are customizing the ring for. Customized rings are available in quarter and half sizes, so they fit better than traditional rings. While many jewelers offer rings in a variety of sizes, customizations will always offer the best fit. If you are unsure of your love’s ring size, a bit of snooping or incorporating the help of a close friend or family member of theirs will help you to figure it out. 

The Setting– The Setting is what your diamond of choice is set into. It encompasses the actual band, as well as the way which your diamond will be presented. Some settings are very plain, showcasing the diamond in a very subtle, elegant way. Other settings are more flashy, flaunting your diamond in a way that no one will be able to miss. In reference to your ring’s setting, you will first want to decide what ‘metal’ your band will be crafted from. There are a wide variety of choices available, each with a different price range. You may want to opt for sterling silver, rose gold, white gold, or gold. Next, decide what you wish the setting to look like. Will you have one band or two? Will the bands be thick or thin? Do you want them basic, twisted together, or otherwise geometrically patterned? If you aren’t sure, many jewelers have a showcase of settings they feature at their store which you may browse through.

The Diamond– Many people view this as the most important part of any ring. You should figure out what cut, shape and karat you would like your diamond to be. Diamonds may be princess cut, point cut,  or table cut, amongst others. You may wish it to be round, square, or pear shaped. Karat’s come in a very wide range, so the options there are nearly limitless. A word to the wise: half and quarter cuts (for example 6.25 or 7.5) are usually a small bit cheaper than whole cuts. If you are unsure of the different shapes, cuts, or karats, then you should feel free to speak to your local jeweler. They are an invaluable asset when it comes to the customization of your engagement ring.

Shop jewelry online from a trusted jewelry store in Orange County

buyonlineRemember the days we flipped through pages of catalogs, picked up phones to place orders and paid by mailing a check? This sounds like a lot of work, and what seemed convenient for us a few years ago, is no longer very sufficient.

With online shopping a click away, a few websites have surpassed most to become the guru’s of online buying. One such website, is none other than eBay. Over the past years, eBay has not only set up a virtual bidding market to help sellers and buyers, they have opened up gateways to a flood of businesses and extraordinary finds that can be viewed from the privacy of your computer or Smartphone.

One of the largest markets among eBay shoppers is jewelry. Jewelry covers a large variety of gift ideas, from holidays to birthdays to anniversaries and engagement rings for that special engagement. However, when we shop online, it is hard to find the best and most reliable source, especially for something as important as jewelry.

buyringA local Orange County jewelry store, and a leading source in fine jewelry has now joined the eBay team to make shopping more convenient for their customers. Conveniently linked directly from the Prego Jewelers site, this feature allows you to see their intricate selections directly from your home. This makes it easier to not only browse, but also share ideas with close friends and family. Jewelry categories are conveniently displayed for easy navigation and they even included last minute items as well as new arrivals.

Prego, has been trusted within the community to stand behind their products and excellence. Now, the eBay community is able to join forces in bringing customers one of a kind pieces with the ease of a button.

Prego Jewelry is centrally located in Orange County, CA.  Their customers request their unique designs from all over the world.  The best bet is to stop by and check out their selection for yourself or become a fan on Facebook to get exclusive previews and promotions.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s engagement bliss, the ring to remember…

When we think of celebrity power couples we think of two individuals who have successfully built their careers and have established themselves in the industry. Brad and Angelina, Victoria and David Beckham and Beyonce with Jay-Z have all made the A list of Hollywood royalty.

One such power couple that has been on everyone’s mind lately is Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Not only are they both gourgeous and talented, their dynamic relationship has kept fans following; patiently awaiting for the wedding of these two Hollywood starlets.

The long awaited proposal (which was rumored to have happened back in 2010) actually came in January of this year. Finally, Jessica and Justin decided that this summer was the perfect timing to celebrate their love. For the past few months, the couple has been spotted planning their wedding. In fact, it has also been said that Biel is letting her new hubby-to-be do the bulk of the planning.

In light of the new wedding, Jessica’s beautiful engagement ring has also been the talk of the town. Justin fans everywhere went goo-goo eyed over the jaw-dropping  wedding ring Justin picked out for Jessica, all by himself!

Justin’s taste proved to be perfection when he chose a 6-caratm princess cut diamond, blackened platinum, vintage engagement ring with scrolling rope sides. Although Jessica Biel is a girl-next-door beauty, her stunning engagement ring brings out her extravagant side.

Not to worry ladies, if you have always dreamed of an engagement ring like Jessica’s there is no need to wait for your Justin! There are many jewelry professionals such as Prego jewelry in Fountain Valley that specialize in custom engagement rings that truly reflect the style of each individual.