Jewelry is definitely one of the world’s most popular gifts. There are many people, however, who love to collect jewelry. It doesn’t matter whether you sell these items or where them daily. There are some pieces that are important to have. Jewelry is a great tool for completing a particular ensemble. You can also use the right piece of jewelry to accent a dress or suit.

There are pieces that are more cosmetic in appearance. It is possible to collect fine jewelry when shopping in the right location. There are chain jewelers that specialize in certain gem stones. Others sell jewelry that fits into various categories. You can collect various types of rings, necklaces and broaches. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Pieces of Jewelry that You Should Own.

1 – Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are some of the most versatile pieces of jewelry. They are great accent pieces no matter what stones are included. Gold and silver balls are often selected for younger children. Larger metal studs are perfect for adults and work well with casual apparel. More detailed studs can be purchased as well. Circular and oval studs are very unique in their appearance, especially when outlined in stones like emeralds, diamonds and rubies.

2 – Formal Watch

Formal watches are available in a variety of designs. You can purchase a slim sterling or gold watch designed in a bracelet style. Medium and large watch styles are often outlined with graphic designs or gem stones. Fabric watches are some of the trendy styles that are being worn with casual ensemble. Formal watches can work with different apparel but have a stunning design and appearance.

3 – Cuff Bracelet

A cuff bracelet is generally designed with a back opening for the wrist. There are plain gold, silver and bronze offerings in this category. Frosted metal cuff bangles are very popular. Other trendy styles are available with large gem designs. These versatile jewelry pieces can be worn with dresses or designer jeans. Specialty jewelers generally have unique cuff bracelet styles on sale.

4 – Long Necklace

Long necklaces are much more visible than shorter versions. These necklaces are sold in both gold, white gold and silver. There are other metal options for these long pieces. They work well with layered looks, such as, jeans and slacks ensembles. You will discover a variety of long necklaces with gems in their design. Link chain designs or ring loops are two trendy looks in these necklaces.

5 – Gem Ring 

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer your birthstone or diamonds. Gem stones are available in various styles and designs. Large stone settings are normally worn as costume pieces. Genuine gem rings can be purchased in sapphire, onyx, amethyst, emerald and pearl. The shape of the setting is one of the details that make the ring special.

Top 5 Pieces of Jewelry to Own – Complete Your Collection


Holiday proposal memories by finding the perfect Engagement Ring

christmas engagementIn many ways, the proposal is just as important and the wedding itself. The memories of this time last throughout the marriage. The perfect ring plays an important role in creating this special moment. Along with the ring, the sentiment behind it is critical. There are many different jewelry stores that sell engagement rings. Not all of these stores, however, have the same types of merchandise. You will want to shop at a store that has a vast selection.

The selection shows more than the rings that are available. It also showcases the stones that are available for this occasion. Some stores offer custom ring designs which are great for proposals. These are unique styles that are tailored to the finger of the bride-to-be. Gem selection is an important thing to consider, as well. Although diamonds are the common stone, contemporary engagement rings come with various gems. When you shop for the perfect ring, it means finding the right combination of stone, metal and cut to suit the design.

Traditional Rings

Solitaire diamond rings are some of the most popular to create proposal memories. These are classic c styles that are available at most stores. Jewelers often have a few rings in this category. Traditional rings come with central diamonds that are available in different shapes and cuts. Sizing is important when it comes to these pieces.

Modern Rings

Modern engagement rings them stand out. Some of these rings have diamonds as the central settings. Emeralds, rubies and other stones are also seen in these modern designs. These engagement pieces are great for special proposals.

Unique Stones

The shape of a stone can make the difference in the display of the ring. Sapphires, for example, are really special stones. They can be used in trio designs with diamond displays. Unique stone selections are great choices. You can match these rings with wedding band purchases.

Designer Bands

The band of an engagement ring is important. It makes a fantastic display just like the stone selection. Gold, silver or covered gold are stunning choices for these bands. Some bands are plain and have smooth surfaces. Other designer bands include etched details and diamond decorations in their appearance.

Original Cuts

The cut of the stone is absolutely critical to the appearance of the ring. Square stones are modern displays of elegance. These stones can be cut in various sizes to compliment the rest of the ring. Round stones are popular cuts, as well. These cuts can be found in different settings and designs.

Tips and details to know when creating a custom engagement ring

Engagement rings are a huge investment towards your future. Many men agree it is the most important investment they have ever made. If you really want to show your loved one that you put thought, creativity, and  yes, even love, into the ring of choice, why not design for them a customized engagement ring? To many, this sounds both expensive and frightening. The process is neither. While these rings may cost a few dollars more, they are certainly affordable, and the process is not difficult at all. Look below to see the different aspects you must consider when coming up with a custom jewelry design.

ring stylesSize- First and foremost, you should know the exact ring size of the person you are customizing the ring for. Customized rings are available in quarter and half sizes, so they fit better than traditional rings. While many jewelers offer rings in a variety of sizes, customizations will always offer the best fit. If you are unsure of your love’s ring size, a bit of snooping or incorporating the help of a close friend or family member of theirs will help you to figure it out. 

The Setting– The Setting is what your diamond of choice is set into. It encompasses the actual band, as well as the way which your diamond will be presented. Some settings are very plain, showcasing the diamond in a very subtle, elegant way. Other settings are more flashy, flaunting your diamond in a way that no one will be able to miss. In reference to your ring’s setting, you will first want to decide what ‘metal’ your band will be crafted from. There are a wide variety of choices available, each with a different price range. You may want to opt for sterling silver, rose gold, white gold, or gold. Next, decide what you wish the setting to look like. Will you have one band or two? Will the bands be thick or thin? Do you want them basic, twisted together, or otherwise geometrically patterned? If you aren’t sure, many jewelers have a showcase of settings they feature at their store which you may browse through.

The Diamond– Many people view this as the most important part of any ring. You should figure out what cut, shape and karat you would like your diamond to be. Diamonds may be princess cut, point cut,  or table cut, amongst others. You may wish it to be round, square, or pear shaped. Karat’s come in a very wide range, so the options there are nearly limitless. A word to the wise: half and quarter cuts (for example 6.25 or 7.5) are usually a small bit cheaper than whole cuts. If you are unsure of the different shapes, cuts, or karats, then you should feel free to speak to your local jeweler. They are an invaluable asset when it comes to the customization of your engagement ring.

Tips on picking the perfect engagement ring by your Orange County Jeweler

engagement ringsWhile some may look at an engagement ring as a simple piece of jewelry, others are wise enough to know it is an investment. In fact, it may very well be the most important investment a man makes during his lifetime, for it not only secures him a bride, but an entire family. It secures you in knowing your house will be a home, and that you will be able to spend the rest of your days with someone you truly care about. Most people agree that is a very large investment indeed. If you are on the search for a big investment of your own, please look below for helpful tips in buying an engagement ring.

Educate Yourself. Before purchasing a ring, you should ensure that you have done the necessary research. Educate yourself on the four C’s: color, carat, clarity, and cut. These are the four most important things to take into consideration when purchasing a ring.

  • Color: Diamond coloring is graded from letters D to Z, with D being the best.
  • Clarity: Clarity comes on a ten grade scale, and the clarity of a diamond directly impacts the gem’s rarity and value.
  • Carat: A diamond’s carat represents the diamonds weight; many people often think it refers to sheer size, but this is incorrect.
  • Cut: Varying cuts present themselves in varying styles. The cut is, quite literally, how the diamond has been fashioned. 

Don’t Be Fooled. If you want to make sure you do not get a bad deal, make sure that the jeweler you buy from is willing to present everything in writing. It is in this way that you are protected from misrepresented facts. Always request the certification on any diamond, and do your research on who the certification has been done by. 

engagement ringGet insurance. If you are going to spend a large sum of money on the engagement ring, you had better get it insured. This way, if the ring is stolen or damaged in a way that is not your own fault, you will be able to receive money back on your investment. Another thing you can do to protect your ring is to have it’s certification number laser-inscribed on the side of the stone. This helps to positively identify your ring should it be stolen or found. 

Other Ideas. There are a few other things that you should keep in mind when purchasing an engagement ring. Remember to look at online vendors as you may be able to get a better deal. Remember that you can always create a custom ring, if you so desire, and there are many jewelers who will not charge you an arm and a leg to do so. Lastly, remember that purchasing a slightly smaller stone may save you up to 30%. Instead of a three carat diamond, you could opt for a diamond just under three carats. The difference in price may be a lot larger than you’d first assume.

A Diamond in the rough, Diamonds: History in the making!

78 Carat rough diamond

Final cut diamonds

We have all heard of the expression “a diamond in the rough”. Yet, when most of us think of diamonds, we think of the dazzling, light-illuminating stone that seem to be perfect from every angle.

On the contrary, a rough diamond is none of these things and probably would not even turn heads let alone be worn as jewelry.

Diamond cutting had come about in the middle ages. Before this, diamonds were used in their purest form.

The medieval era brought about the technique of polishing the stone to give it a higher luster. The first known “cut” that was made to the diamond was called the “point cut”. This is why you see the “diamond “as both a geometric shape as well as a suit on a deck of cards.

The point-cut was finally upgraded to the” table cut”. This featured the top of the diamond to be sawn off and flattened.  Additionally, four corner facets were added to the diamond create the “old single cut” However, such simplistic cuts did not due the stone justice as it still lacked what diamonds are known for today; the “dispersion of fire” or the light reflecting qualities. In-fact, the “table cut” and the “old single cut” made the diamond appear black, which is seen often in the paintings of that era. This is why colorful stones such a rubies and emeralds were higher valued.

It was not until the turn of the 1900th century that modern jewelers had perfected the art of diamond cutting, which is no longer limited to sharp edges and octahedral shapes.

Balboa Island Jewelers, located in Newport Beach offers the most up to date cut diamonds, with a classic feel.  From brilliant round diamonds to princess cut diamonds and everything in between, the diamonds look flawless as they were intended.  The cut will not only help bring a sense of personal style but also can help compliment your hand.  However, if you are set on an old style cut, or just like the antique ring look, Balboa Island jewelers can help choose the perfect shape intended for you from their wide selection of estate jewelry necklaces, rings and much more.