Jewelry is definitely one of the world’s most popular gifts. There are many people, however, who love to collect jewelry. It doesn’t matter whether you sell these items or where them daily. There are some pieces that are important to have. Jewelry is a great tool for completing a particular ensemble. You can also use the right piece of jewelry to accent a dress or suit.

There are pieces that are more cosmetic in appearance. It is possible to collect fine jewelry when shopping in the right location. There are chain jewelers that specialize in certain gem stones. Others sell jewelry that fits into various categories. You can collect various types of rings, necklaces and broaches. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Pieces of Jewelry that You Should Own.

1 – Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are some of the most versatile pieces of jewelry. They are great accent pieces no matter what stones are included. Gold and silver balls are often selected for younger children. Larger metal studs are perfect for adults and work well with casual apparel. More detailed studs can be purchased as well. Circular and oval studs are very unique in their appearance, especially when outlined in stones like emeralds, diamonds and rubies.

2 – Formal Watch

Formal watches are available in a variety of designs. You can purchase a slim sterling or gold watch designed in a bracelet style. Medium and large watch styles are often outlined with graphic designs or gem stones. Fabric watches are some of the trendy styles that are being worn with casual ensemble. Formal watches can work with different apparel but have a stunning design and appearance.

3 – Cuff Bracelet

A cuff bracelet is generally designed with a back opening for the wrist. There are plain gold, silver and bronze offerings in this category. Frosted metal cuff bangles are very popular. Other trendy styles are available with large gem designs. These versatile jewelry pieces can be worn with dresses or designer jeans. Specialty jewelers generally have unique cuff bracelet styles on sale.

4 – Long Necklace

Long necklaces are much more visible than shorter versions. These necklaces are sold in both gold, white gold and silver. There are other metal options for these long pieces. They work well with layered looks, such as, jeans and slacks ensembles. You will discover a variety of long necklaces with gems in their design. Link chain designs or ring loops are two trendy looks in these necklaces.

5 – Gem Ring 

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer your birthstone or diamonds. Gem stones are available in various styles and designs. Large stone settings are normally worn as costume pieces. Genuine gem rings can be purchased in sapphire, onyx, amethyst, emerald and pearl. The shape of the setting is one of the details that make the ring special.

Top 5 Pieces of Jewelry to Own – Complete Your Collection


The brushed appearance of bronze jewelry is a part of what make it popular. These include terrific rings that are both unique and stunning. The dated appearance of these rings makes them look like antique pieces. They hold a different look from gold and silver ring styles. Many people want custom ring designs for special occasions.

Engagement and anniversary rings fit into this category. You can find bronze rings with stunning gem stones as settings. The cut and type of stone will define the ring’s appearance. This will also play a role to the value of these rings as well. You can find bronze rings with classic designs, along with those that are more contemporary. Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful options when it comes to these rings.

Floral Designs

Bronze rings with floral designs are very popular. These are rings with sculptured shapes in the bronze itself. These styles are often seen without a central gem stone. It is also possible to find these floral pieces with outstretched designs. Small diamonds set into leaf shapes are gorgeous. There are rings shaped like flowers with different stones and settings.

Ancient Styles

These are bronze rings that appear hundreds of years old at first glance. Some of these are actually modern designs. Onyx, diamond and jade stones are often seen in these ring styles. They work well with matching jewelry pieces. Green stones are popular in bronze jewelry designs. Emeralds fit well in this category. They make quite an impression with certain ensembles.

Unique Shapes

Bronze rings can be purchased a chain jewelry stores. There are also collectors that specialize in these special rings. You will discover some unique shapes with these particular rings. Square shapes similar to cuff links are trendy ring styles. These rings often utilize etching and graphic displays. Victorian artwork styles are seen in these unique ring shapes. Etched and shaved rings made from bronze are popular purchases, as well.

Jewel Combinations

Bronze rings are especially noticeable with the right jewel setting. Bright rubies along with sparkling diamonds are terrific combinations in bronze. It is possible to find rings that take on the bronze appearance that are actually shaved gold. Ring etchings and designs make an impression with these stunning gem settings.

Plain bronze rings without settings can be purchased quite reasonable. The addition of certain gems will certainly increase the pricing. Collectors’ pieces may be expensive to purchase, as well. This is especially true for those that are made by certain designers or are older pieces. Bronze rings are remarkable and memorable in their display. This is why their unique qualities appeal to many people looking for a special ring.

Bronze ring styles, going beyond the gold and silver jewelry

Expert Orange County jeweler says don’t toss, repair valuable jewelry

repairing jewelryEveryone knows what a special piece of jewelry can mean. When this jewelry is damaged or broken, you want expert service. It doesn’t matter whether the piece is a ring or a necklace. You can find professional jewelers who are qualified to make repairs. The process for each repair is different and requires intricate techniques. This is why finding the right jeweler is important. Some locations only offer certain services, such as, sizing.

Fortunately, there are quality jewelers who specialize in performing repair services. Some repairs are more complex than others. These may require an extension of gold or silver, as well as, other tools. Getting jewelry repaired quickly and accurately is very important when dealing with special pieces. This is true whether the jewels are antiques or newer purchases. You can get repairs done and enjoy your special pieces again.

Gold Earrings

There are many different gold earring designs. Some are studs while others are loop styles. When these jewelry pieces are broken they cannot be worn. A professional jeweler who specializes in repairs can help. Some earring repairs will require intricate details. There are instances where repairs alter the display of the jewelry. It is important to consult with your jeweler to determine what a repair requires.

Stone Placements

Stone placements sometimes become loose or broken. This can result in the loss of a valuable stone. In some cases it is necessary to replace these stones. It doesn’t matter whether the stone was a diamond or an emerald. The right jeweler can replace stones to your own design. You may opt to change stones for your repair work. There are opportunities to do custom work on special jewelry as a repair is being done.

Broken Necklaces

There are necklace repairs that are quick and easy. When latches are broken it may only require a replacement latch. Some broken necklaces, however, require an extension. This may mean more gold or silver to perform the repair. Consult with your jeweler to find out what repairs are necessary. Depending on the process, the cost of the repair may increase. This can even affect the time required to perform the jewelry repair.

Bracelet Latches

Bracelets are some of the most delicate pieces of jewelry. This means that repairs should be made carefully. Latches can be replaced fairly easily in most cases. Bracelets with many jewels or details can be a different case. You will need to find a jeweler with experience in these delicate repairs. This is a good way to ensure that your jewelry is repaired with care.

Repairing jewelry – Did you know that jewelry can be repaired?

repairDuring a lifetime, things will break. Prolonged use, wear, and tear naturally erode certain parts until they do, finally, break apart. Jewelry is no exception to this rule. While there are some things which warrant trashing upon breaking- such as cheap toys or Tupperware- you do not want to simply throw your jewelry out.

Chances are that you have spent a large sum of money on that necklace, ring, or earring set, and it would be heartbreaking to waste that money. This isn’t even to mention the sentimental attachment you have probably developed. That is why it is with great pleasure that we assure you many things may be fixed, and for a very nominal cost. Please look at our comprehensive listing of jewelry issues which may be fixed so it is returned to you like new.

  • Prongs that have come loose, causing the diamonds to fall out, can be repaired. If possible, it is best to find the original diamond so it may simply be affixed back onto the piece; if this is not possible, you may purchase a new stone to be placed inside of the prongs.
  • Broken chain links in necklaces, bracelets, or dangling earrings can easily be fixed.
  • Broken clasps on necklaces or bracelets.
  • If a watch battery has ceased to work, it can easily be replaced.
  • Ring resizing. There are many reasons why your ring size might have changed. If you loose or gain weight; or if the ring was purchased for a child or young adult and they have grown, the ring can be re-sized to fit them.
  • Pearl re-stringing. If your pearl necklace has broken, save the original pearls. They can be placed on a new string so that you may wear them once more.
  • Diamond replacement. If you have lost your diamond, a new one can be placed on your band.
  • In addition to actual fixing, there are a number of items which can be done in reference to maintaining your jewelry. Just like a good car, or a clean house, maintaining your jewelry pieces may prevent them breaking at a later point. Following is a list of maintenance items which can be done on your piece.
  • Diamond inspections to see if it is breaking, aging, or dulling. Most jewelers recommend having your diamond inspected every six months.
  • Silver cleaning; gold cleaning; platinum cleaning. This helps to restore the natural shine of these metals found in your necklaces, ring bands, bracelets, or earrings.
  • Jewelry polishing. This helps any piece of jewelry to sparkle and shine as it did when you first purchased it.

One popular Orange County jewelry store and saught after by many, Prego Jewelry in Fountain Valley California said “with proper upkeep and the occasional repair, your jewelry may last more than your lifetime”. In this way, it is not only possible for you to wear and enjoy your pieces, but your heirs may be able to also.

Vintage and Estate Jewelry – An Orange County Jewelry store passing on the tradition…

As young girls we all remember our grandmothers decorating their outfits with pins and large broaches. Some were handmade, with sparkling gems and some were simple with silver or gold accents. They were used to hold together scarves, loose sweaters or simply to dress up tops that our grandmothers seemed to endlessly wear.

As we grew up we realized that this fashion was a thing of the past and in fact women wore brooches mostly due to lack of variety and accessories as in past decades, nicer designer jewelry such as the Sartoro Collection were not readily available.

Well, as much as we think our grandmothers didn’t have style, we can all bite our lip because sure enough broaches are making a comeback.  Yes these versatile accessories can be worn to secure scarves, dress up hats or headwear, pretty up plain tops, dresses and cardigans. You can even attach them on purses and handbags for an extra touch of class.

Even though fashion pendants are a good buy, recently many Orange County jewelers have been presenting these pieces in beautiful gold, platinum and with brightly colored stones such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds. These pendants make for a great addition to your jewelry pieces as well as exclusive gifts for and from a loved one.   One popular jewelry store in Fountain Valley has a wide selection of estate broaches, estate pendants and a variety of fine vintage jewelry in Orange County.

Pins and broaches are also fun items to design as they can be altered in many shapes and sizes.   If you have a piece of vintage jewelry that has been laying around and possibly broken, you can use those stones and pieces to custom jewelry design a beautiful looking brooch that you would be proud to wear or have a quick jewelry repair.

At this popular Huntington Beach jewelry store, Prego Jewelery in Fountain Valley, you can speak to a skilled jeweler about ordering a beautiful and one of a kind broach. Or you can speak with Prego’s talented Orange County jewelry designer about creating a one of a kind piece that will brighten any outfit and give you the opportunity to pass on the tradition of glamour.

Repair your memories – Jewelry Spring Cleaning

When we were little, most of us girls loved going through our mom’s jewelry box because it made us feel special. Sometimes, if mom allowed, we would be able to try it on and play a little dress up.

Now that we’re all grown up, we sometimes forget those times when our mom let us rummage through her jewelry box, some of us may even forget that at one point a borrowed necklace or bracelet we forgot to return may not be in the same condition as we first got it.

If jewelry is being passed down from generation to generation, it may get tarnished, stones may become loose, brackets and clasps broken, rings require sizing and outdated jewelry designs may need freshening up.

This spring, do a little spring-cleaning in your own or in mom’s jewelry box by allowing the true jewelry professionals to repair and refresh your valuables.  A well experienced custom jewelry design expert can take an outdated yet valued piece and turn it into a modern design that you will be proud to wear and it still holds the sentimental value it started with.

A jewelry repair expert in Orange County tells us that many of their clients like to update the style of an old sentimental piece of jewelry without completely destroying the value or the look of it.  Prego jewelry in Fountain Valley specializes in jewelry repairs and offers clients exceptional, on-site jewelry repair and cleaning services. Their professional care gives customers the assurance that they are in good hands while leaving their prized possessions in their care.

Many times, people will believe that their jewelry cannot be repaired and therefore they will simply leave it in a box.  Enjoy and wear your prize possessions, there is no need for fine pieces to be tossed aside. If you are not sure that your piece can be repaired, this fine jeweler in Fountain Valley can provide you an honest consultation where together you can discuss the potential of your prize piece.

While you are at Prego Jewelry for your consultation, take advantage of their jewelry cleaning service. This procedure, even as a regular maintenance will leave your jewelry looking fresh and new. Sometimes this is all a tarnished ring or pendant may need to add a little life back into its charm.  Don’t forget to be a little sinful and check out their uncerpassed unique designer jewelry collection, a true pleasure for the eyes.