There are a number of things that factor into the appearance of a piece of jewelry. This is especially true where gem stones are considered. The cutting process also referred to as lapidary. There are specific techniques used by professional gem cutters. The style of a ring or a necklace is impacted by the shape and cut of its gem stone.

The type of gem stone is very important to this process, as well. Diamonds are the most popular stones for most jewels. There are other gems that make terrific jewelry pieces. These include these gems:

  • Rubies
  • Emeralds
  • Sapphires
  • Amethyst

Modern trends have brought unique stones into popularity. The color of these gems work to make an overall impression. The cutting process is what defines certain jewels and the appearance that they present. Here are some of the techniques that make jewelry design stunning and memorable:

Stone Appearance

The appearance of a gem stone is impacted by the cutting process. A stone is likely to look rough when it has not been excessively cut. These are stones that have been lightly handled or fractured. Some collectors prefer rough stones. This may be for the purpose of cutting for custom designs. In these cases, rings, necklaces and other pieces will result. Finer products and grit are used to polish gems. These stones tend to shine more and showcase a unique brilliance.

Cutting Options

There are specific considerations that factor into the process of gem stone cutting. The size of the original stone is one of these considerations. Sawing, grinding and sanding all play a role in the cutting process. These techniques are performed by experts in this field. Along with these techniques are activities, such as, drilling, tumbling and polishing. Special procedures are used with certain stones. Diamonds are examples of the hardest naturally occurring substances. Because of this, their abrasive features are used to cut and polish other materials.

Gem Forms

After the cutting process, gems take on specific forms. These are instrumental to the design of pieces of jewelry. Faceted stones, beads, spheres and other forms are very common. Gems are used as settings in various jewelry designs. The finished product will later become a ring setting, earring or even a broach. Gems can be carved to make individual shapes for certain settings.

Inlay Projects 

During this particular process, gem stones are cut to a specific shape. This stone is then glued into place to design a piece of jewelry. The stone must be set into a hollowed space for its shape. Metal and other stones can be used to create these hollowed areas. Black onyx and turquoise are two stones that are also used in inlay projects. They are commonly used for unique pieces.

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Gemstone cuts and the expert jewelry design techniques


Jewelry shopping after the holidays, why not?

jewelry dealsJewelry gifts are some of the most sentimental gifts to give. It doesn’t matter whether they are marking milestones like engagements. Jewelry can be purchased for virtually any occasion. Although many people buy jewelry during the holidays, this is not necessarily the best time to buy. Jewelry stores and chain locations often launch sales after the holidays.

This is one of the reasons to shop during this time. There are other great reasons to select another time to give jewelry gifts. You will discover terrific jewelry gift ideas. Rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants are just a few of these.


It is also possible to purchase rare and brilliant gems for your jewelry purchase. If you’re giving a gift to a collector, you may need more time to find the right jewel. Those marking special occasions or events can surprise their loved ones with a gift of jewelry. Here are some great reasons to shop after the holidays for your jewelry:

Lower Prices                                                                                                                             

One of the best reasons to shop for anything is to get a cheaper price. You may discover that local stores are putting things like rings and necklaces on sale after the holidays. Chain stores that have too much products will also have sale prices during this time. When prices are cut, it is possible to find more than one piece of jewelry. These items can be saved and given as gifts throughout the next year.

Rare Pieces

It sometimes takes time to find rare pieces. The holiday rush can lead people to buy things that they don’t want. Rare pieces can be common jewelry pieces like earrings or brooches. The shape, style or design is what makes these rare. Giving you more time to shop for the right piece will make a more special gift. Birthdays and anniversaries are terrific celebrations to give jewelry gifts. Customize Jewelry There are many great jewelers who customize jewelry. After the holidays there is less traffic in the average jewelry store. This is a good time to have pieces tailored to suit your taste. Buying and customizing rings when stores are not busy is a great idea. The same is true for customizing earrings, necklaces and other pieces.

Celebrate Later

There are specific times during the year when jewelry is cheap or goes on sale. After Valentine’s Day, is definitely one of these times of year. Shopping for virtually any type of jewelry is better during this time. It is a good idea to check with your regular jeweler for upcoming sales. Visiting store websites is another way to find out when prices are lower. After the holidays allows you to both shop later and to celebrate later for special events. These jewelry gifts will be wonderful surprises throughout the year.

Holiday proposal memories by finding the perfect Engagement Ring

christmas engagementIn many ways, the proposal is just as important and the wedding itself. The memories of this time last throughout the marriage. The perfect ring plays an important role in creating this special moment. Along with the ring, the sentiment behind it is critical. There are many different jewelry stores that sell engagement rings. Not all of these stores, however, have the same types of merchandise. You will want to shop at a store that has a vast selection.

The selection shows more than the rings that are available. It also showcases the stones that are available for this occasion. Some stores offer custom ring designs which are great for proposals. These are unique styles that are tailored to the finger of the bride-to-be. Gem selection is an important thing to consider, as well. Although diamonds are the common stone, contemporary engagement rings come with various gems. When you shop for the perfect ring, it means finding the right combination of stone, metal and cut to suit the design.

Traditional Rings

Solitaire diamond rings are some of the most popular to create proposal memories. These are classic c styles that are available at most stores. Jewelers often have a few rings in this category. Traditional rings come with central diamonds that are available in different shapes and cuts. Sizing is important when it comes to these pieces.

Modern Rings

Modern engagement rings them stand out. Some of these rings have diamonds as the central settings. Emeralds, rubies and other stones are also seen in these modern designs. These engagement pieces are great for special proposals.

Unique Stones

The shape of a stone can make the difference in the display of the ring. Sapphires, for example, are really special stones. They can be used in trio designs with diamond displays. Unique stone selections are great choices. You can match these rings with wedding band purchases.

Designer Bands

The band of an engagement ring is important. It makes a fantastic display just like the stone selection. Gold, silver or covered gold are stunning choices for these bands. Some bands are plain and have smooth surfaces. Other designer bands include etched details and diamond decorations in their appearance.

Original Cuts

The cut of the stone is absolutely critical to the appearance of the ring. Square stones are modern displays of elegance. These stones can be cut in various sizes to compliment the rest of the ring. Round stones are popular cuts, as well. These cuts can be found in different settings and designs.

Expert Orange County jeweler says don’t toss, repair valuable jewelry

repairing jewelryEveryone knows what a special piece of jewelry can mean. When this jewelry is damaged or broken, you want expert service. It doesn’t matter whether the piece is a ring or a necklace. You can find professional jewelers who are qualified to make repairs. The process for each repair is different and requires intricate techniques. This is why finding the right jeweler is important. Some locations only offer certain services, such as, sizing.

Fortunately, there are quality jewelers who specialize in performing repair services. Some repairs are more complex than others. These may require an extension of gold or silver, as well as, other tools. Getting jewelry repaired quickly and accurately is very important when dealing with special pieces. This is true whether the jewels are antiques or newer purchases. You can get repairs done and enjoy your special pieces again.

Gold Earrings

There are many different gold earring designs. Some are studs while others are loop styles. When these jewelry pieces are broken they cannot be worn. A professional jeweler who specializes in repairs can help. Some earring repairs will require intricate details. There are instances where repairs alter the display of the jewelry. It is important to consult with your jeweler to determine what a repair requires.

Stone Placements

Stone placements sometimes become loose or broken. This can result in the loss of a valuable stone. In some cases it is necessary to replace these stones. It doesn’t matter whether the stone was a diamond or an emerald. The right jeweler can replace stones to your own design. You may opt to change stones for your repair work. There are opportunities to do custom work on special jewelry as a repair is being done.

Broken Necklaces

There are necklace repairs that are quick and easy. When latches are broken it may only require a replacement latch. Some broken necklaces, however, require an extension. This may mean more gold or silver to perform the repair. Consult with your jeweler to find out what repairs are necessary. Depending on the process, the cost of the repair may increase. This can even affect the time required to perform the jewelry repair.

Bracelet Latches

Bracelets are some of the most delicate pieces of jewelry. This means that repairs should be made carefully. Latches can be replaced fairly easily in most cases. Bracelets with many jewels or details can be a different case. You will need to find a jeweler with experience in these delicate repairs. This is a good way to ensure that your jewelry is repaired with care.

Latest Jewelry trends for 2013

jewelry stylesAll fashion trends vary from season to season, and jewelery is no exception to this ‘golden’ rule. To understand this, you must first understand that- historically and modernly- each season is representative of individual traits. Winter trends are usually stark, crisp, and clean Spring is all about new growth, and a broad range of pastel colors may be included. Fall is very earth-centered, with simple designs and earth-based coloring schemes. Summer is the season of fun. The trends are bold, brightly colored, and incorporate fun imagery or items. So how does this ‘everything fun’ summer trend trait incorporate itself into jewelery? Look below for a comprehensive listing of the summer’s hottest jewelery trends.

Arm Cuffs– Arm cuffs are similar to bracelets, except that they fit your arm snug where a bracelet would dangle. Arm cuffs are also open-ended, meaning that they are not one singular piece. Instead, an area is open, and at either end it will secure itself to your arm in the snug manner we just spoke of. These cuffs can be found in all patterns, shapes, sizes, and colors.

Ear Cuffs– Ear cuffs are nearly identical to their arm cuff brethren, except that obviously, they are much smaller. Another key difference is that ear cuffs most often come in layered bands. You may have three, four, or even five linked rings circling your ear lobes. These may be found in a wide variety of designs, and offer a very fun way to show the quirky side of your personality.

Electrical Neon Colors– Jewelery which has just a splash or two of bold neon coloring is always in season during the summer months. This allows you to amp up your wardrobe without looking too flashy or outdated. Have fun with it, and see which colors can compliment each other. You may be surprised. For example, did you know that neon green and neon pink actually work very well together? How about bold blue and neon purple? The options are endless so don’t feel the need to restrain yourself.

Art Deco– Art Deco estate jewelery refers to pieces inspired by modern art. These pieces come in all forms, from ear rings to bracelets to necklaces and more. Show off your fun side and your sophisticated side all in one singular piece!

Gorgeous Green– Green is a very bright, fun color and all things green are very in during the summer season. The best part? Green pieces are also in during spring, so you can incorporate these pieces for two seasonal trends! Besides being bright and fun, green also gives off a very fresh, healthy, happy aura, allowing you to look your absolute best no matter what social situation you find yourself in.

Playful Pieces– Mustaches, bejeweled lips, animals, screw earrings… summer is all about fun! Be creative with your jewelery pieces and show off just how much you really love to have fun. If you strive towards uniqueness in your wardrobe, these pieces are perfect for you.

An Orange County CA jeweler sheds the light on mixing and matching jewelry trend!

When we think of Diamonds we usually consider this to be the stone on an engagement ring, the compliment to a pendant or the simple, classic stud earrings. However, some jewelry is more extravagant and the sizes of the stone vary.

In 2012, the phrase “less is more” will no longer apply when it comes to jewelry. This year the trend of stacking your pieces is growing in popularity. This fashion statement examines the idea of wearing your diamond jewelry one on top of the other, without having the pieces match or be from the same set. In addition to your engagement or wedding ring, wear a decorative band stacked directly on top. If you have more than one diamond necklace, lavish your neckline with two or three; no need to have them be the same size or length, the look does not have to be cohesive.

This does not only go for diamonds but can be applied to any jewelry. Colorful gemstones can be worn together to create a radiant palette and why not toss the rules of thumb and consider mixing white gold, yellow gold and platinum!

Rings, necklaces and bracelets that are made to look layered or stacked are already causing a buzz; this allows you to get the look without having to buy more than one piece.

Prego Jewelry, Orange County’s jewelry store of choice serves Newport Beach and surrounding areas helps unique Orange County jewelry seekers to find the highest quality jewelry as well as help you mix and match for an unique and original style including custom jewelry designs. You will find everything from intricately constructed necklaces to one of a kind ring that can complement any piece you may already own.  This year dare and urge yourself to try something new, and make it a habit to take all of your jewelry, the new and the old, out for a spin!

A Diamond in the rough, Diamonds: History in the making!

78 Carat rough diamond

Final cut diamonds

We have all heard of the expression “a diamond in the rough”. Yet, when most of us think of diamonds, we think of the dazzling, light-illuminating stone that seem to be perfect from every angle.

On the contrary, a rough diamond is none of these things and probably would not even turn heads let alone be worn as jewelry.

Diamond cutting had come about in the middle ages. Before this, diamonds were used in their purest form.

The medieval era brought about the technique of polishing the stone to give it a higher luster. The first known “cut” that was made to the diamond was called the “point cut”. This is why you see the “diamond “as both a geometric shape as well as a suit on a deck of cards.

The point-cut was finally upgraded to the” table cut”. This featured the top of the diamond to be sawn off and flattened.  Additionally, four corner facets were added to the diamond create the “old single cut” However, such simplistic cuts did not due the stone justice as it still lacked what diamonds are known for today; the “dispersion of fire” or the light reflecting qualities. In-fact, the “table cut” and the “old single cut” made the diamond appear black, which is seen often in the paintings of that era. This is why colorful stones such a rubies and emeralds were higher valued.

It was not until the turn of the 1900th century that modern jewelers had perfected the art of diamond cutting, which is no longer limited to sharp edges and octahedral shapes.

Balboa Island Jewelers, located in Newport Beach offers the most up to date cut diamonds, with a classic feel.  From brilliant round diamonds to princess cut diamonds and everything in between, the diamonds look flawless as they were intended.  The cut will not only help bring a sense of personal style but also can help compliment your hand.  However, if you are set on an old style cut, or just like the antique ring look, Balboa Island jewelers can help choose the perfect shape intended for you from their wide selection of estate jewelry necklaces, rings and much more.