Sparkling Diamonds – Everyday Glitz and Glam in 2012

The gorgeous Viveca Fox

The New Year is here, the night will be full of sparkling lights, fabulous outfits and of course some glitz and glam.

In 2012 don’t be afraid to be bold but also classic. No matter the incentive, make this year happy and bright. There is no reason to leave your jewelry hiding until special occasions, why not make everyday the perfect day to accentuate your wrist, neckline and hand. Make yourself shine with unique statement pieces such as eye-catching pendants, diamond rings and bracelets that can be a compliment to any outfit.  At this sought after jewelry store in Fountain Valley, you will find the perfect combination of beauty, style, color and originality.

Whether you are going to work or just to the super market, this year make it a point to always be a little fancy. Chandelier earrings don’t always have to match that perfect black dress and a chain-link necklace can work with your simple, grey velour suit to accent comfort and style. At Prego Jewelry not only will you be able to pick from the extravagant array of unique designer jewelry pieces, but they also offer exclusive custom jewelry design services that can help create the perfect look for you to wear in 2012.  Old Jewelry?, no problem, rely on the experience of Prego’s Jewelry repairs and services to renew and refresh your old jewelry pieces.

Stunning Molly Sims

If you are looking to make a statement, with a more conservative approach, why not choose a watch that can be worn on a daily basis as well as an evening out. Prego offers beautiful Polanti watches favored by Hollywood’s leading ladies such as Vivica Fox, Molly Sims and Paris Hilton.

These famous ladies know the value of empowering their look with pieces that will turn heads and keep you feeling like royalty. This year make this Orange County jeweler the go to for all of your favorite jewelry looks and trends, they are your Orange County source for everyday glitz and glam in 2012.

Boys also like some bling this holiday season!

Good things come in small packages

When it comes to jewelry, most people think it’s a great gift idea for ladies, well move over girls, jewelry is also for boys.  It is a fact, there’s a lot more choices when it comes to jewelry items for ladies.  Earrings, Necklaces, rings, pendants, bracelets, besides the sub-categories within those items like Sapphire necklace, diamond necklace, gold necklace and so on.

It’s mind boggling the choices available to select from.  But in recent years our fellow men have taken a closer look at some of these accessories we ladies love so much and not only are men wearing more jewelry than ever, they also have a wide variety of choices in material, gold, platinum, titanium, and so on.  There are many other items usually offered at a jewelry store to satisfy the hunger for men gift ideas.  Most jewelry stores offer a wide variety of watches, new and pre-owned.

A local Huntington Beach jeweler, Prego jewelry in fountain valley tell us “many ladies come in and purchase cross pendants, money clips or Polanti designer watches to gift their loved one, while they of course browse the merchandise for something they’d like to have”.  It’s actually not such a bad idea.  If you are lucky to have a man that’s capable of picking something you like out of a jewelry case, you’ve got it made.  If not, this is your chance to buy him a little gift from a jewelry store while you scan the items you’d like to add to your Christmas list.

Most jewelry stores offer gift cards for the holidays and our jeweler above, Prego Jewelry also offers custom jewelry designs for him or her.  An old wedding or engagement ring can be affordably repaired or updated to a new sparkling state that’s sure to make your loved one smile when they open their gift.