Repair your memories – Jewelry Spring Cleaning

When we were little, most of us girls loved going through our mom’s jewelry box because it made us feel special. Sometimes, if mom allowed, we would be able to try it on and play a little dress up.

Now that we’re all grown up, we sometimes forget those times when our mom let us rummage through her jewelry box, some of us may even forget that at one point a borrowed necklace or bracelet we forgot to return may not be in the same condition as we first got it.

If jewelry is being passed down from generation to generation, it may get tarnished, stones may become loose, brackets and clasps broken, rings require sizing and outdated jewelry designs may need freshening up.

This spring, do a little spring-cleaning in your own or in mom’s jewelry box by allowing the true jewelry professionals to repair and refresh your valuables.  A well experienced custom jewelry design expert can take an outdated yet valued piece and turn it into a modern design that you will be proud to wear and it still holds the sentimental value it started with.

A jewelry repair expert in Orange County tells us that many of their clients like to update the style of an old sentimental piece of jewelry without completely destroying the value or the look of it.  Prego jewelry in Fountain Valley specializes in jewelry repairs and offers clients exceptional, on-site jewelry repair and cleaning services. Their professional care gives customers the assurance that they are in good hands while leaving their prized possessions in their care.

Many times, people will believe that their jewelry cannot be repaired and therefore they will simply leave it in a box.  Enjoy and wear your prize possessions, there is no need for fine pieces to be tossed aside. If you are not sure that your piece can be repaired, this fine jeweler in Fountain Valley can provide you an honest consultation where together you can discuss the potential of your prize piece.

While you are at Prego Jewelry for your consultation, take advantage of their jewelry cleaning service. This procedure, even as a regular maintenance will leave your jewelry looking fresh and new. Sometimes this is all a tarnished ring or pendant may need to add a little life back into its charm.  Don’t forget to be a little sinful and check out their uncerpassed unique designer jewelry collection, a true pleasure for the eyes.