Latest Jewelry trends for 2013

jewelry stylesAll fashion trends vary from season to season, and jewelery is no exception to this ‘golden’ rule. To understand this, you must first understand that- historically and modernly- each season is representative of individual traits. Winter trends are usually stark, crisp, and clean Spring is all about new growth, and a broad range of pastel colors may be included. Fall is very earth-centered, with simple designs and earth-based coloring schemes. Summer is the season of fun. The trends are bold, brightly colored, and incorporate fun imagery or items. So how does this ‘everything fun’ summer trend trait incorporate itself into jewelery? Look below for a comprehensive listing of the summer’s hottest jewelery trends.

Arm Cuffs– Arm cuffs are similar to bracelets, except that they fit your arm snug where a bracelet would dangle. Arm cuffs are also open-ended, meaning that they are not one singular piece. Instead, an area is open, and at either end it will secure itself to your arm in the snug manner we just spoke of. These cuffs can be found in all patterns, shapes, sizes, and colors.

Ear Cuffs– Ear cuffs are nearly identical to their arm cuff brethren, except that obviously, they are much smaller. Another key difference is that ear cuffs most often come in layered bands. You may have three, four, or even five linked rings circling your ear lobes. These may be found in a wide variety of designs, and offer a very fun way to show the quirky side of your personality.

Electrical Neon Colors– Jewelery which has just a splash or two of bold neon coloring is always in season during the summer months. This allows you to amp up your wardrobe without looking too flashy or outdated. Have fun with it, and see which colors can compliment each other. You may be surprised. For example, did you know that neon green and neon pink actually work very well together? How about bold blue and neon purple? The options are endless so don’t feel the need to restrain yourself.

Art Deco– Art Deco estate jewelery refers to pieces inspired by modern art. These pieces come in all forms, from ear rings to bracelets to necklaces and more. Show off your fun side and your sophisticated side all in one singular piece!

Gorgeous Green– Green is a very bright, fun color and all things green are very in during the summer season. The best part? Green pieces are also in during spring, so you can incorporate these pieces for two seasonal trends! Besides being bright and fun, green also gives off a very fresh, healthy, happy aura, allowing you to look your absolute best no matter what social situation you find yourself in.

Playful Pieces– Mustaches, bejeweled lips, animals, screw earrings… summer is all about fun! Be creative with your jewelery pieces and show off just how much you really love to have fun. If you strive towards uniqueness in your wardrobe, these pieces are perfect for you.


Repair your memories – Jewelry Spring Cleaning

When we were little, most of us girls loved going through our mom’s jewelry box because it made us feel special. Sometimes, if mom allowed, we would be able to try it on and play a little dress up.

Now that we’re all grown up, we sometimes forget those times when our mom let us rummage through her jewelry box, some of us may even forget that at one point a borrowed necklace or bracelet we forgot to return may not be in the same condition as we first got it.

If jewelry is being passed down from generation to generation, it may get tarnished, stones may become loose, brackets and clasps broken, rings require sizing and outdated jewelry designs may need freshening up.

This spring, do a little spring-cleaning in your own or in mom’s jewelry box by allowing the true jewelry professionals to repair and refresh your valuables.  A well experienced custom jewelry design expert can take an outdated yet valued piece and turn it into a modern design that you will be proud to wear and it still holds the sentimental value it started with.

A jewelry repair expert in Orange County tells us that many of their clients like to update the style of an old sentimental piece of jewelry without completely destroying the value or the look of it.  Prego jewelry in Fountain Valley specializes in jewelry repairs and offers clients exceptional, on-site jewelry repair and cleaning services. Their professional care gives customers the assurance that they are in good hands while leaving their prized possessions in their care.

Many times, people will believe that their jewelry cannot be repaired and therefore they will simply leave it in a box.  Enjoy and wear your prize possessions, there is no need for fine pieces to be tossed aside. If you are not sure that your piece can be repaired, this fine jeweler in Fountain Valley can provide you an honest consultation where together you can discuss the potential of your prize piece.

While you are at Prego Jewelry for your consultation, take advantage of their jewelry cleaning service. This procedure, even as a regular maintenance will leave your jewelry looking fresh and new. Sometimes this is all a tarnished ring or pendant may need to add a little life back into its charm.  Don’t forget to be a little sinful and check out their uncerpassed unique designer jewelry collection, a true pleasure for the eyes.

Sparkling Diamonds – Everyday Glitz and Glam in 2012

The gorgeous Viveca Fox

The New Year is here, the night will be full of sparkling lights, fabulous outfits and of course some glitz and glam.

In 2012 don’t be afraid to be bold but also classic. No matter the incentive, make this year happy and bright. There is no reason to leave your jewelry hiding until special occasions, why not make everyday the perfect day to accentuate your wrist, neckline and hand. Make yourself shine with unique statement pieces such as eye-catching pendants, diamond rings and bracelets that can be a compliment to any outfit.  At this sought after jewelry store in Fountain Valley, you will find the perfect combination of beauty, style, color and originality.

Whether you are going to work or just to the super market, this year make it a point to always be a little fancy. Chandelier earrings don’t always have to match that perfect black dress and a chain-link necklace can work with your simple, grey velour suit to accent comfort and style. At Prego Jewelry not only will you be able to pick from the extravagant array of unique designer jewelry pieces, but they also offer exclusive custom jewelry design services that can help create the perfect look for you to wear in 2012.  Old Jewelry?, no problem, rely on the experience of Prego’s Jewelry repairs and services to renew and refresh your old jewelry pieces.

Stunning Molly Sims

If you are looking to make a statement, with a more conservative approach, why not choose a watch that can be worn on a daily basis as well as an evening out. Prego offers beautiful Polanti watches favored by Hollywood’s leading ladies such as Vivica Fox, Molly Sims and Paris Hilton.

These famous ladies know the value of empowering their look with pieces that will turn heads and keep you feeling like royalty. This year make this Orange County jeweler the go to for all of your favorite jewelry looks and trends, they are your Orange County source for everyday glitz and glam in 2012.

All the independent ladies, put your hands up!

Proudly displaying her right hand rings

The modern day woman is sophisticated, classy, hard-working and big spending! Yes ladies, it is no longer the men who get to have all the fun and splurge the big money on electronics, cars and golf-clubs.  With many women making the big bucks, the days of conventional “men are the gift givers” are coming to an end. Women are able to make large purchases without feeling the guilt and without any permission.

This is true for many things including fine jewelry. In-fact, many women are choosing to treat themselves to right hand diamond rings, regardless of their marriage status.

Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Mariah Carrey are just a few women who have purchased fine jewelry on their own accord. It has been stated that women who wear self-purchased diamond rings on their right hand do so to show their symbol of independence.

In fact, this right hand statement had inspired the 2010 campaign which read, “Your left hand says ‘We.’ Your right hand says ‘Me.’ Women of the world, raise your right hand.”

With more women feeling empowered to buy themselves diamonds, it is only natural that they would want the most intricate and unique custom jewelry designs to grace their finger.  Orange county jewelry store Prego Jewelers, located in Fountain Valley offers original, one of a kind styles from around the world. The owner of

Sexy, Independent, Stunning!

this distinguished store makes it his passion to travel in search of the perfect collections to meet his customer’s sense of style.

During this holiday season, Prego presents the extravagant “Sartoro” designer jewelry Collection. The design is geared towards women who are daring, bold and undoubtedly wanting to make a statement. The collection incorporates bold colors and patterns that are fused together with a high-end, luxury feel.

This year, why wait to receive something special, make a gift for yourself and garnish your hand with an extravagant piece of jewelry.