How To Keep Your Silver Bracelet Shining Forever 2One of the most important factors for popularity of silver bracelets is that they are always in fashion. Sometimes when you don’t keep your silver bracelets with due care, their color and shine may fade away with time. Silver jewelry items need certain measures of care unlike gold jewelry. Following guide will help you take care of your silver bracelets.

Do Not Use Any Chemical On Silver Bracelets

There are many chemicals available in market that may cause your silver bracelet to become dull in color. Therefore, avoid using any such chemical while wearing a silver bracelet. It is also highly recommended to avoid using products like perfumes, rubber, hair sprays, body lotions and hair color when you are wearing a silver bracelet. All these products contain chemicals that are harmful for silver jewelry items.

What To Do If Use Of Chemicals Is Unavoidable

Chemicals like bleach, alcohol, ammonia, turpentine and nail polish removers containing acetone can cause severe damage to your silver bracelets. Try your best to avoid use of any chemicals while wearing a silver bracelet. But, if it is unavoidable to use chemicals, hair products or perfumes, remove the bracelet before using them. It is a less known fact that acids in cardboard, tape and newspaper can also be harmful for silver bracelets. Also, try to keep silver bracelets away from woolen materials because the sulfur used in woolen materials in contact with your bracelets may result in the oxidation of silver.

Should You Remove Your Bracelet While Bathing

Yes, you should! Remove your bracelet while bathing if you wish to keep your bracelet looking new and shining. And since, certain chemicals in shampoo and other bathing products can also harm your silver bracelet, it is recommended to remove it before you go for a shower.

Precautions For Cleaning Silver Bracelets

Besides keeping good care of the silver bracelet, you might need to clean it in order to maintain its beauty and shine. Follow these tips to keep your bracelet clean.

  • Clean it regularly: Not only clean it with a piece of cloth whenever you wear it, but also wipe off water or any other thing that comes in contact with your bracelet immediately.
  • Avoid use of abrasive materials:Do not mix all your jewelry when cleaning a silver bracelet. Other jewelry items may scratch your bracelet and thus damage its beauty.
  • Do not use toothbrush:Some people consider toothbrush a great cleaning instrument. But it is a bad idea to clean your silver bracelet with a toothbrush. Instead, use soft and lint-free clean cotton cloth to clean the bracelet gently.
  • Do not use rubber gloves: avoid wearing rubber gloves when you are cleaning a silver bracelet. Instead, use plastic gloves because they are not harmful to your jewelry items.

How To Clean

Consider all precautions and then begin cleaning your bracelet with plastic gloves and a cotton cloth. Remove all visible dirt first and then rinse it with warm water using a mild soap. But be sure to use mild soap only. Scented or perfumed soaps may cause damage to your jewelry. After cleaning gently, pat dry your bracelet and get a shining look. You can also polish your bracelet once it is dried. Rinse it again after polishing and pat it dry. For getting your bracelet polished and jewelry repair services, you can also visit the shop from where you bought the silver bracelet.



How To Keep Your Silver Bracelet Shining Forever