The brushed appearance of bronze jewelry is a part of what make it popular. These include terrific rings that are both unique and stunning. The dated appearance of these rings makes them look like antique pieces. They hold a different look from gold and silver ring styles. Many people want custom ring designs for special occasions.

Engagement and anniversary rings fit into this category. You can find bronze rings with stunning gem stones as settings. The cut and type of stone will define the ring’s appearance. This will also play a role to the value of these rings as well. You can find bronze rings with classic designs, along with those that are more contemporary. Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful options when it comes to these rings.

Floral Designs

Bronze rings with floral designs are very popular. These are rings with sculptured shapes in the bronze itself. These styles are often seen without a central gem stone. It is also possible to find these floral pieces with outstretched designs. Small diamonds set into leaf shapes are gorgeous. There are rings shaped like flowers with different stones and settings.

Ancient Styles

These are bronze rings that appear hundreds of years old at first glance. Some of these are actually modern designs. Onyx, diamond and jade stones are often seen in these ring styles. They work well with matching jewelry pieces. Green stones are popular in bronze jewelry designs. Emeralds fit well in this category. They make quite an impression with certain ensembles.

Unique Shapes

Bronze rings can be purchased a chain jewelry stores. There are also collectors that specialize in these special rings. You will discover some unique shapes with these particular rings. Square shapes similar to cuff links are trendy ring styles. These rings often utilize etching and graphic displays. Victorian artwork styles are seen in these unique ring shapes. Etched and shaved rings made from bronze are popular purchases, as well.

Jewel Combinations

Bronze rings are especially noticeable with the right jewel setting. Bright rubies along with sparkling diamonds are terrific combinations in bronze. It is possible to find rings that take on the bronze appearance that are actually shaved gold. Ring etchings and designs make an impression with these stunning gem settings.

Plain bronze rings without settings can be purchased quite reasonable. The addition of certain gems will certainly increase the pricing. Collectors’ pieces may be expensive to purchase, as well. This is especially true for those that are made by certain designers or are older pieces. Bronze rings are remarkable and memorable in their display. This is why their unique qualities appeal to many people looking for a special ring.

Bronze ring styles, going beyond the gold and silver jewelry


Gemstone Cuts – the differences in ring styles appearances

It’s no secret that the gemstone cut of a ring helps to define the entire piece. There are many different ring styles to choose from. A gem’s unique cut can be the difference between a traditional style and one that is more contemporary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012 there were more than 32,000 jewelers in the U.S. These professionals not only assist you in finding the right pieces.

Many jewelers are experts when it comes to stone cuts and styles. It is possible to get a customized ring with a totally unique stone cut. Chain jewelry stores are some of the most popular places for finding rings. There are stores in this category that range in pricing when it comes to rings. Specialty jewelers tend to offer more original items at a higher cost. Here are some of the most popular stone cuts and their details:


The round gem stone cut is one of the most popular purchased for rings. The stone selection along with the cut work to define the rings appearance. It doesn’t matter whether you choose rubies, diamonds, sapphires or emeralds. It is possible to find a unique ring with a round cut stone. There are simple round designs, as well as, those that have multiple shapes in one stone. This is a detailed cut choice.

Cushion Checkerboard

It is possible to purchase a ring with a cushion checkerboard cut from a traditional jeweler. This is not a typical cut and may require finding a specialty jeweler. The cut has a rounded edge display and an inner carving similar to a checkerboard. Generally one stone is cut in this way, but multiple stones can be inserted in custom designs.


A heart shaped stone cut is certainly eye-catching. This is not a common design and could require a custom jeweler’s assistance. Pink and red stones are some of the most popular for this particular cut. An added lining of diamonds around a central stone accents this stone cut.


Pear or tear-drop cut stones are unique. This central stone can include additional carving inside the stones display. Many people purchase earrings, necklaces and rings with this same cut. Metals of different styles work well with this cut. These combinations offer a stylish and memorable appearance for jewelry piece.

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Custom Jewelry Designs – The popular custom bling beyond the ring.

Customized jewelry is one of the most unique ideas for gift giving. These are pieces that can’t be purchased in the average jewelry store. Chains don’t often provide customized jewelry items. This jewelry requires detailed gem cuts. They are also associated with original shapes and sizes. Specialized jewelers are those that offer these custom pieces.

Individuals in this industry have expertise when it comes to cutting stone in unique ways. They can work with different metals to create a stunning piece of jewelry. Rings are often thought of as popular purchases for jewelry. There are many other pieces that can be customized. Finding the right jewelry designer is the best way to get an original piece. Let’s take a look at the Top 4 Customized Jewelry Pieces that are purchased.

diamond rings1 – Sparkling Rings

It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for a birthday ring or an engagement jewel. You can have a custom ring with a few simple steps. Choosing the stone is the first consideration for these jobs. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and onyx stones are commonly selected for these unique styles. The next choice is the metal that you prefer, whether gold, silver or bronze. The style of the ring can be created or altered from an existing ring. Lotus Flower Rings are good examples of original custom rings.

2 – Shimmering Necklaces

You can create a shimmering necklace of your own design with customized jewelry. Choosing not only a stone but a particular cut is the first step. Tear-drop jewels make a wonderful centerpiece for necklaces. The next decision will be that of metal and necklace details. There are rope and chain style necklaces. Center stones can be used in one large gem or individual stones connected by design.

3 – Stunning Earrings

Earrings are available in various shapes and sizes. Customized earrings can take on appearances that are very unique. These are some of the shapes that can be used for custom pieces:

  • Round
  • Pear
  • Princess
  • Trillion
  • Checkerboard

You can choose a design that is both intricate and detailed. The average time for a custom jewelry project is 10 days. This will depend upon the difficulty of the overall job.

4 – Sensational Bracelets 

Bracelets are some of the most creative pieces of jewelry. These are traditional gifts that can be designed in contemporary ways. You will play a role in the design of your customized bracelet by choosing shape, gems and metals. Small Link Charm Bracelets are delicate styles that look great without gems. A Saturn-style Bangle is a sensational piece that is especially attractive with many different gems.


If it’s broken, fix it…If it’s old, why not update it?

A woman’s jewelry collection is her treasure. Every woman has her favorite necklace or bracelet that compliments any attire and makes her feel wonderful.

However, sometimes due to constant wear your beloved piece of jewelry may end up with a broken clasp, a missing stone or just tarnished to the point of looking old.  In recent years the value of Gold and Silver has risen and many have turned to selling their broken jewelry instead of trying to repair the piece.

It goes without saying that before you even think about bringing in your jewelry to be fixed, you have to trust the jeweler as well as know that you may have to leave your valuable(s) over night if not longer. This can certainly cause anxiety, especially if the piece being worked on is something precious such as your diamond engagement or wedding ring.

Fountain Valley jeweler, Prego Jewelry, has over 30 years of experience in jewelry repairs and design, serving local residents in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley has earned them the title of local trusted jeweler.  They understand the concerns and anxiety of their customers as much as they understand great jewelry designs. They place a full effort into fixing your jewelry the same day while you wait if the repair allows.

This local family owned jewelry store believes in giving each customer unsurpassed service and before they return your jewelry, they will also clean and polish them to make them shine as they did the first day you bought them.

Prego also offers maintenance services so your jewelry wont have a chance to break. They will tighten loose brackets, clasps and make sure that all of your stones are in place. This will insure that any piece that you purchase from Prego will be taken care of for a lifetime.  Their services don’t just stop at sales and repairs, their on-site experienced jeweler can recommend a custom jewelry design to update the look for your jewelry.   Consult with these Fountain Valley jewelry professionals and evaluate the many choices you have available.



Sparkling Diamonds – Everyday Glitz and Glam in 2012

The gorgeous Viveca Fox

The New Year is here, the night will be full of sparkling lights, fabulous outfits and of course some glitz and glam.

In 2012 don’t be afraid to be bold but also classic. No matter the incentive, make this year happy and bright. There is no reason to leave your jewelry hiding until special occasions, why not make everyday the perfect day to accentuate your wrist, neckline and hand. Make yourself shine with unique statement pieces such as eye-catching pendants, diamond rings and bracelets that can be a compliment to any outfit.  At this sought after jewelry store in Fountain Valley, you will find the perfect combination of beauty, style, color and originality.

Whether you are going to work or just to the super market, this year make it a point to always be a little fancy. Chandelier earrings don’t always have to match that perfect black dress and a chain-link necklace can work with your simple, grey velour suit to accent comfort and style. At Prego Jewelry not only will you be able to pick from the extravagant array of unique designer jewelry pieces, but they also offer exclusive custom jewelry design services that can help create the perfect look for you to wear in 2012.  Old Jewelry?, no problem, rely on the experience of Prego’s Jewelry repairs and services to renew and refresh your old jewelry pieces.

Stunning Molly Sims

If you are looking to make a statement, with a more conservative approach, why not choose a watch that can be worn on a daily basis as well as an evening out. Prego offers beautiful Polanti watches favored by Hollywood’s leading ladies such as Vivica Fox, Molly Sims and Paris Hilton.

These famous ladies know the value of empowering their look with pieces that will turn heads and keep you feeling like royalty. This year make this Orange County jeweler the go to for all of your favorite jewelry looks and trends, they are your Orange County source for everyday glitz and glam in 2012.