Choose Jewelry with Gemstones by Color from a Leading Huntington Beach Jeweler

A leading Huntington Beach Jeweler shares with us how to choose jewelry with gemstones rather than style.  There are many ways to choose a piece of jewelry. Some people opt to purchase jewels based upon their design. Others like to find matching collections that work well together. Another way to select the jewelry that you wear is to choose selections based upon their gem settings. This is a great way to put together your own collection or to purchase an existing one.

Some collections use the same gem arrangement in their style or display. There are other collections that offer similar designs with different gems altogether. Jewelry pieces with varying gems are available at the average jewelry store. It is also possible to purchase custom-made pieces from expert jewelry locations. You gem selection will make the difference in the appearance of the piece.

blue earringsStylish Earrings

Earrings are some of the most unique pieces of jewelry. They are available in many different shapes, sizes and designs. You can add to your collection by selecting colorful earrings decorated with fine gems. Black stones, such as, coral and onyx are beautiful with the right details. White or yellow gold are wonderful compliments to these stones and make great earrings.

emerald necklaceClassic Necklaces

There are necklaces with thin chains and those with thicker ones. The gem settings in a necklace work to define the piece. Blue stones are wonderful choices for any necklace design. An Asian-inspired necklace with topaz or sapphire gem settings is a stunning display. These are pieces that are great for formal wear.

gemstone ringContemporary Rings

There are many terrific contemporary ring designs these days. White gold and silver details are trendy combinations with the right gem selection. Orange gems like Citrine and garnet are options to add color. Amethyst offers a brilliant purple to any collection and is available in different shades. Princess-cut rings are modern displays in these designs.

modern opal ringDesigner Broaches

A broach is truly a traditional jewelry piece. There are classic designs for these pieces, as well as, more modern styles. Many broaches incorporate a number of gems in their details. You can find a leopard broach with emeralds, rubies and sapphires in its display. This is a wonderful piece to add to any collection.

A complete jewelry collection is a rare thing to find these days. Some jewelers offer certain pieces from name brand collections. It is even rarer to find collections that offer a selection of gems. You can put together your own collection by the same brand or by using similar designs that compliment each other.


Custom Jewelry Pieces Made to Order, what are my options?

custom ringsYou can buy pieces of jewelry from any of the chain stores in the country. These stores are normally stocked with items that are similar to other jewelry. It is often difficult to shop at these stores for custom-made jewelry. These are specialty items that are quite unique in their appearance. It requires a lot of expertise to make a custom piece. It also requires experience in this area.

There are jewelers who offer this sort of expertise and experience. They can help you to design the piece that you want. These are jewelry pieces that are made to suit your own desire. They are fabulous gifts because they are different from other pieces. Custom-made jewelry can be given for many occasions. Anniversaries, birthdays and celebrations are wonderful occasions for given a special piece of custom jewelry. Let’s take a look at some of the Best Custom Jewelry Pieces. A favored Orange County Jewelry store, Prego Jewelry in Fountain Valley CA told us that more and more couples are leaning towards custom jewelry pieces that hold much more sentimental value.

Designer Necklaces

You can have a custom-made necklace made to suit your taste. These designer pieces can be made with a variety of gem stones. One of the unique examples here is an exotic pearl necklace. This piece has charm and rare components at the same time. The addition of a center stone in this type of designer necklace is another option for a custom design.

Rare Gem Rings

Rare gems really make any piece special. This is especially true when we are talking about rings. These gems can bring the ring to life. They are certainly eye-catching designs. A great idea for a custom-made ring in this category is a Princess-cut Pink Morganite. This can be an engagement ring that is totally unique.

Imported Stone Earrings

Imported stones are those that are not often seen in the average jewelry store. They offer a brilliance that typical stones do not. One fine example here is Russian Amber. You can design the shape of a custom piece. Natural Amber from the Baltics presented in a teardrop design is stunning. This is a terrific gift idea that is both special and original.

One of the special things about custom-made jewelry is the role that you get to play. You are able to put on your designer’s hat to make a special piece. This makes the gift even more special when you’ve added touches to the design. Custom-made jewelry can be as versatile as you want. There are traditional designs and those that are very contemporary.

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Pick the right jewelry gift for her this Holiday Season

christmas giftJewelry is definitely one of the most intimate gifts. This is especially true during the holidays when the giving spirit is in play. Picking the right piece of jewelry is very important. Each piece sends a message to the recipient. Jewelry is a gift that invokes emotion and can change the course of the future. The right jewelry store is essential when it comes to picking holiday gifts. You need a location that has a vast selection.

You will need to choose from rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The more items available the easier the choice may be. Many shoppers are looking for jewelry locations that can provide custom designs. They want to play a role in the outcome of the jewelry by designing its display. This is a good detail to look for in a jewelry store location. Picking the right pieces will depend on the occasion and the recipient. Let’s take a look at some to the best holiday jewelry gifts available.

Engagement Rings

The holidays are some of the most special times of the year. Many couples end up getting engaged during this time. Finding the right diamond ring will depend on the stone you select. There are round, square and unique diamond cuts. These settings are central to the look and display of the ring. You may want a jeweler who can design a custom ring.

Christmas Bracelet

Christmas bracelets can be given to friends or family members. These are special bracelet displays with a variety of gems. Rubies and emeralds are especially popular gems for these bracelets. Diamond settings accent any gem selection. You can purchase loose or tight fitting bracelets for these gifts.

Anniversary Necklace

Many couples are going to celebrate their anniversary during the holidays. Finding the right gift for this occasion is important. Necklaces are diverse gifts to select for a holiday anniversary. Twisted or stand-alone chains can accent these pieces. One central gold-encased stone, whether diamond or sapphire is beautiful. Custom necklace designs are terrific too.

Holiday Earrings

It doesn’t matter whether you are shopping for studs or hoops. There are wonderful earring options for holiday gifts. Golden round studs are traditional and stunning. Gem teardrop earring designs are great for holiday outfits. You can pick colorful displays defined in white or yellow gold.

Thanksgiving Jewels


Some holiday jewelry gifts will be given early. Thanksgiving jewels come in a lot of varieties. Solitaire ring designs can be purchased with different gems. Autumn colors can be captured through the right gem selection. Floral designs and unique styles are available with necklaces and bracelets.

Party Necklaces

Office parties or holiday events with friends are perfect occasions for necklace gifts. You will need to find a jeweler with a variety of necklace products. You can find chains of different lengths and widths. Thick or petite styles can display well with formal attire. Gems like emeralds, rubies, and onyx are great for these gift ideas.

Latest Jewelry trends for 2013

jewelry stylesAll fashion trends vary from season to season, and jewelery is no exception to this ‘golden’ rule. To understand this, you must first understand that- historically and modernly- each season is representative of individual traits. Winter trends are usually stark, crisp, and clean Spring is all about new growth, and a broad range of pastel colors may be included. Fall is very earth-centered, with simple designs and earth-based coloring schemes. Summer is the season of fun. The trends are bold, brightly colored, and incorporate fun imagery or items. So how does this ‘everything fun’ summer trend trait incorporate itself into jewelery? Look below for a comprehensive listing of the summer’s hottest jewelery trends.

Arm Cuffs– Arm cuffs are similar to bracelets, except that they fit your arm snug where a bracelet would dangle. Arm cuffs are also open-ended, meaning that they are not one singular piece. Instead, an area is open, and at either end it will secure itself to your arm in the snug manner we just spoke of. These cuffs can be found in all patterns, shapes, sizes, and colors.

Ear Cuffs– Ear cuffs are nearly identical to their arm cuff brethren, except that obviously, they are much smaller. Another key difference is that ear cuffs most often come in layered bands. You may have three, four, or even five linked rings circling your ear lobes. These may be found in a wide variety of designs, and offer a very fun way to show the quirky side of your personality.

Electrical Neon Colors– Jewelery which has just a splash or two of bold neon coloring is always in season during the summer months. This allows you to amp up your wardrobe without looking too flashy or outdated. Have fun with it, and see which colors can compliment each other. You may be surprised. For example, did you know that neon green and neon pink actually work very well together? How about bold blue and neon purple? The options are endless so don’t feel the need to restrain yourself.

Art Deco– Art Deco estate jewelery refers to pieces inspired by modern art. These pieces come in all forms, from ear rings to bracelets to necklaces and more. Show off your fun side and your sophisticated side all in one singular piece!

Gorgeous Green– Green is a very bright, fun color and all things green are very in during the summer season. The best part? Green pieces are also in during spring, so you can incorporate these pieces for two seasonal trends! Besides being bright and fun, green also gives off a very fresh, healthy, happy aura, allowing you to look your absolute best no matter what social situation you find yourself in.

Playful Pieces– Mustaches, bejeweled lips, animals, screw earrings… summer is all about fun! Be creative with your jewelery pieces and show off just how much you really love to have fun. If you strive towards uniqueness in your wardrobe, these pieces are perfect for you.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s engagement bliss, the ring to remember…

When we think of celebrity power couples we think of two individuals who have successfully built their careers and have established themselves in the industry. Brad and Angelina, Victoria and David Beckham and Beyonce with Jay-Z have all made the A list of Hollywood royalty.

One such power couple that has been on everyone’s mind lately is Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. Not only are they both gourgeous and talented, their dynamic relationship has kept fans following; patiently awaiting for the wedding of these two Hollywood starlets.

The long awaited proposal (which was rumored to have happened back in 2010) actually came in January of this year. Finally, Jessica and Justin decided that this summer was the perfect timing to celebrate their love. For the past few months, the couple has been spotted planning their wedding. In fact, it has also been said that Biel is letting her new hubby-to-be do the bulk of the planning.

In light of the new wedding, Jessica’s beautiful engagement ring has also been the talk of the town. Justin fans everywhere went goo-goo eyed over the jaw-dropping  wedding ring Justin picked out for Jessica, all by himself!

Justin’s taste proved to be perfection when he chose a 6-caratm princess cut diamond, blackened platinum, vintage engagement ring with scrolling rope sides. Although Jessica Biel is a girl-next-door beauty, her stunning engagement ring brings out her extravagant side.

Not to worry ladies, if you have always dreamed of an engagement ring like Jessica’s there is no need to wait for your Justin! There are many jewelry professionals such as Prego jewelry in Fountain Valley that specialize in custom engagement rings that truly reflect the style of each individual.