A Diamond in the rough, Diamonds: History in the making!

78 Carat rough diamond

Final cut diamonds

We have all heard of the expression “a diamond in the rough”. Yet, when most of us think of diamonds, we think of the dazzling, light-illuminating stone that seem to be perfect from every angle.

On the contrary, a rough diamond is none of these things and probably would not even turn heads let alone be worn as jewelry.

Diamond cutting had come about in the middle ages. Before this, diamonds were used in their purest form.

The medieval era brought about the technique of polishing the stone to give it a higher luster. The first known “cut” that was made to the diamond was called the “point cut”. This is why you see the “diamond “as both a geometric shape as well as a suit on a deck of cards.

The point-cut was finally upgraded to the” table cut”. This featured the top of the diamond to be sawn off and flattened.  Additionally, four corner facets were added to the diamond create the “old single cut” However, such simplistic cuts did not due the stone justice as it still lacked what diamonds are known for today; the “dispersion of fire” or the light reflecting qualities. In-fact, the “table cut” and the “old single cut” made the diamond appear black, which is seen often in the paintings of that era. This is why colorful stones such a rubies and emeralds were higher valued.

It was not until the turn of the 1900th century that modern jewelers had perfected the art of diamond cutting, which is no longer limited to sharp edges and octahedral shapes.

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