An Orange County CA jeweler sheds the light on mixing and matching jewelry trend!

When we think of Diamonds we usually consider this to be the stone on an engagement ring, the compliment to a pendant or the simple, classic stud earrings. However, some jewelry is more extravagant and the sizes of the stone vary.

In 2012, the phrase “less is more” will no longer apply when it comes to jewelry. This year the trend of stacking your pieces is growing in popularity. This fashion statement examines the idea of wearing your diamond jewelry one on top of the other, without having the pieces match or be from the same set. In addition to your engagement or wedding ring, wear a decorative band stacked directly on top. If you have more than one diamond necklace, lavish your neckline with two or three; no need to have them be the same size or length, the look does not have to be cohesive.

This does not only go for diamonds but can be applied to any jewelry. Colorful gemstones can be worn together to create a radiant palette and why not toss the rules of thumb and consider mixing white gold, yellow gold and platinum!

Rings, necklaces and bracelets that are made to look layered or stacked are already causing a buzz; this allows you to get the look without having to buy more than one piece.

Prego Jewelry, Orange County’s jewelry store of choice serves Newport Beach and surrounding areas helps unique Orange County jewelry seekers to find the highest quality jewelry as well as help you mix and match for an unique and original style including custom jewelry designs. You will find everything from intricately constructed necklaces to one of a kind ring that can complement any piece you may already own.  This year dare and urge yourself to try something new, and make it a habit to take all of your jewelry, the new and the old, out for a spin!