Orange County jeweler shares the tips on the best time to get ears pierced for babies & toddlers

ears piercedPrego Jewelry, an Orange County jeweler sees an increase in earrings flying off the shelf for adults and little girls alike.  Thousands of  little girls from  around the world, of various ages, will get their ears pierced this year. For some cultures, this is a traditional activity. Others simply like the appearance of pierced ears and see it as a rite of passage for girls. There are many opinions related to when ear piercings should take place. Some people opt to pierce their baby’s ears as a newborn. There are individuals that think waiting until they are toddlers is best.

One of the reasons that parents are apprehensive about piercing babies’ ears is the subject of pain. These piercing guns can look quite daunting and make parents think of pain for their babies. In most cases, however, the sound of the piercing gun is much scarier. You can decide to pierce your child’s ears as a baby or a toddler. Consulting your pediatrician beforehand is a good way to gain some comfort. Let’s take a look at some of the topics related to this issue.

Choosing an Age

The choice is yours when you decide to get your baby’s ears pierced. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that there is no risk of getting this done at any age. They do, however, recommend that parents wait until the child can care for the piercing themselves. As long as, monitoring and after care is provided babies and toddlers can get their ears pierced safely.

Selecting a Stone

There are many fantastic child earring styles to choose from. These tiny pieces of jewelry are quaint and stylish. You can opt for a gold or silver stud for your baby. Many parents like to select the birth stone of their child. This may mean diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other stones. Many jewelers specialize in selling infant earrings.

Providing Aftercare

Once your baby’s ears have been pierced, it is important to not remove earrings for 6 weeks. During this time period there are aftercare steps that are essential for this process. Wiping around each earring with alcohol is necessary. This should be done twice per day. It is also important to twist earring once a day.

After the 6 week time period, the ears should be fully healed. At this time, parents can choose to purchase different earrings. The initial set can be removed and changed for a different style if you would like. It is important to purchase earrings that are made from 14 karat gold or surgical steel. Those made from other materials could lead to allergic reaction.

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